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Meet TextMagic: Your New BFF in the Tech World

Ahoy there, tech-savvy folks! Allow us to introduce you to TextMagic, a company that's all about building top-notch web applications. They're the cool kids on the block, working with the latest and greatest technologies like Typescript/Javascript, Vue.js, Vuex/VuexOrm, and many more. You know, all the buzzwords that make your inner geek squeal with delight.

Time Zones? No Problem!

TextMagic is a global player, with team members spread across various time zones, from UTC -3 all the way up to MSK (UTC +3). That's right, they've got the whole world (almost) covered. So, if you're an international jet-setter (or just someone who loves working in their PJs), TextMagic might be right up your alley.

Fresh Tech Stack, Fresh Opportunities

Tired of dealing with legacy code and outdated frameworks? Fret not! TextMagic offers a project on a fresh technology stack, which means you'll be working with the latest and greatest tools in the industry. Plus, they're all about giving you the opportunity to bring your vision to the project. Talk about creative freedom!

Professional Growth and Remote Working: A Match Made in Heaven

TextMagic is all about supporting your professional growth, providing you with any equipment you need for productive work, and allowing you to work remotely. Yes, you read that right: you can work from the comfort of your own home (or your local coffee shop, or a beach in Bali) while honing your skills and growing your career. Can it get any better than that?

Friendly Faces and Helping Hands

Last but not least, TextMagic boasts a professional and friendly team that's ready to help you out whenever you need it. So, not only will you be working on exciting projects with cutting-edge technologies, but you'll also be surrounded by supportive and like-minded individuals. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

So there you have it, folks! TextMagic: a company that's all about innovation, growth, and flexibility. If you're a tech whiz looking for an exciting new adventure, look no further than this gem of a company.

Does TextMagic allow remote work or work from home?

Yes they do! Based on the fact that TextMagic has listed a remote job, it's safe to say that they are open to remote work and are actively looking for talented individuals to join their team, regardless of their location.

While we may not know all the details about how TextMagic supports remote work, it's clear that they understand the many benefits that come with it. Remote work allows for greater flexibility, increased productivity, and a better work-life balance, all of which lead to happier, more motivated employees.

And let's be real, who wouldn't want to work from the comfort of their own home or a cozy coffee shop? Plus, without the hassle of a daily commute, you'll have more time to focus on your work, your hobbies, or spending time with loved ones.

So if you're looking for a company that values your autonomy and supports remote work, TextMagic could be the perfect fit for you!

1 remote jobs at TextMagic

TextMagic is hiring Remote Senior Back-end developer (PHP, Symfony, PostgreSQL).