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Remote position, Peru only


HustlerMarketing is on the hunt for a Sales Development Representative to join their team. In this role, you'll be responsible for driving sales, closing deals, and bringing in new clients. You'll be conducting sales calls, sending emails, and engaging with prospective and current clients. As part of the Sales Team, you'll also be involved in onboarding new clients and maintaining strong communication with internal teams and clients. If you have sales and marketing skills, knowledge of lead management and data analytics, and a desire to work with a world-class email marketing agency, then this might just be the job for you. Plus, you'll get to be part of a team that works remotely and knows how to crush it while having fun. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and become part of the best agency around!

Job Description

HustlerMarketing is looking for a Sales Development Representative.

The main purpose of the Sales Development Representative position is to drive sales, close deals, and assist in acquiring new clients for the company. As part of the Sales Team, this is done primarily by conducting sales calls, sending sales emails, and engaging with prospective and new clients in various ways.

This role involves playing an active role in the sales process and having a thorough understanding of the products and services offered. The Sales Development Representative is also responsible for onboarding new clients smoothly and efficiently while ensuring great communication with our internal teams and clients. This position requires sales and marketing skills and knowledge about lead management and data analytics.

Hustler Marketing is a world-class email marketing agency. We customize plans of attack for each of our clients to help them double or even triple their email revenue.

HM is made up of 80+ people from around the world. We work remotely, yet we’re most proud of our ability to crush it as a cohesive team. We’re team-minded, and strive to create a culture where each person is encouraged to do their best.

As for clients, our list is incredibly diverse, with stores ranging from 300K-20M/year in revenue in nearly every niche you can think of.

We know that becoming the best agency begins with having the best team members—which is why we might just be looking for you!

General Responsibilities:

  • Closing new deals and acquiring new clients for the company by following up on leads, conducting sales calls, sending sales emails, engaging in negotiation, preparing audits, and creating proposals
  • Directly engaging in and assisting the Sales Team in the onboarding of new clients, while collaborating with Account Managers, Strategists, and Department Heads
  • Managing key customer relationships and participating in closing strategic opportunities, which includes following up with clients, answering prospective clients’ questions and concerns, and guiding clients through the sales and onboarding processes
  • Ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding process for new clients
  • Continuously maintaining information and data related to all sales efforts and interactions with prospective and new clients using CRM and sales tracking sheets
  • Assisting in and overseeing the processes related to the Business Development Representatives, HubSpot and Upwork to ensure that it is functioning optimally and smoothly
  • Advise the other members of the Sales Team on prospect interactions, processes, and pricing
  • Directly engaging with and formulating the copy used for cold email outreach and sales efforts
  • Being in charge of the planning and execution of copy and design enhancements and return-on-investment data to optimize client results data
  • Engaging in regular research and training sessions to improve the company’s sales strategy and efforts
  • Helping the Sales Team to successfully and continuously implement the overall sales strategy of the company to acquire new clients and close new deals.
  • Using the company’s sales resources and assets efficiently.
  • Taking full responsibility for the effectiveness and performance of your sales efforts as part of the company’s Sales Team, and measuring it against the company’s set targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Assisting the Sales Team with developing and meeting the set sales targets for each quarterly and annual projection to increase the revenue of the company.
  • Work on uncovering sales insights, strategies, and opportunities to develop, implement and measure the performance of all sales for new and existing services, both internal and external to the company.
  • Providing actionable insights for the Sales Team based on key sales metrics, market research, forecasts, competitive analyses, consumer trends, and the performance of all sales efforts, with the view of finding ways to improve the overall sales strategy.
  • Reporting directly to the Director of Sales & Partnerships while also collaborating with other Directors and Department Heads at Hustler Marketing to achieve the set sales targets


  • At least 1-2 years of working experience in a sales position with a fast-paced and dynamic business environment (Preference will be given to candidates who have worked directly in the email marketing, e-commerce, or SaaS industries, or have been in a sales position in another agency)
  • Experience in a senior sales position or experience in closing deals in the e-commerce marketing industry, and/or in a digital agency are considered big advantages
  • Knowledge of and experience in HubSpot or other sales CRM platforms is a plus
  • Great presentation skills, a friendly demeanor, and high levels of energy are needed in this role to effectively convert leads into new clients for the company
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to clearly and effectively communicate with prospective and new clients, as well as the internal teams at Hustler Marketing
  • A proven track record in closing deals and acquiring new clients in a previous role is a must
  • Familiarity with working autonomously and managing your time (remote work experience is a plus)
  • Must be available and responsive during office hours (Mondays to Fridays between 3-6 PM BCN time)
  • Must consistently work 30-35 hours per week (i.e, 140 hours per month)
  • Must have a stable internet connection and a laptop or PC, as well as be able to attend virtual video conferences
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. You must be fluent in English, although English doesn't have to be your native language
  • Being open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism and improving on it, as well as giving feedback of similar nature productively to your team
  • Knowledge and experience of email for e-commerce, and Klaviyo or similar platforms is a huge plus

Key traits for this position:

Showing great attention to detail, being organized and structured, being both process and big-picture oriented, possessing good communication and interpersonal skills, finding the balance between leading, assisting, managing, and driving a team, and having a grasp of current sales trends and best practices in our industry.

What you'll get:

  • Full-time commitment, while meeting our general availability (mentioned below)

  • Avg 140hs/ month consistently

  • Contractor basis after signing our NDA

  • Exclusivity agreement (nullifying the possibility to work in a position of a similar nature while working with us)

  • 1-month trial and adaptation period at full rate (committing to a 30-day notice after that)

  • Re-evaluation of the role and workload after 12 months

  • To be a part of a company that doubled (or more) our revenue growth at stable profit margins for 4 years in a row


  • Paid holidays
  • Up to 42 working days without office hours commitment and calls
  • Team meetup bonus
  • End-of-the-year bonus
  • Yearly salary raises
  • Company therapist
  • Anniversary gifts

How to Apply

#1 Apply for the job with your profile

#2 Fill out the application form containing all the necessary info for us to process your application.

#3 After you complete the form successfully we will be in touch for an Interview.


Olin Scharm

HR Director at Hustler Marketing

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