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Senior Platform Engineer

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Are you ready to revolutionize the way conversations in healthcare are recorded and summarized? Abridge is seeking a platform engineer to join their small, collaborative team and make a big impact. In this role, you'll work alongside application and machine learning engineers to build, secure, and scale their natural language understanding products. You'll have the opportunity to lead the design, development, and deployment of data pipelines and warehouses, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and data quality. Abridge values innovation and staying up to date with industry trends, so bring your knowledge of best practices and tools like Airbyte, Fivetran, dbt, Snowflake, and BigQuery. If you're excited about being hands-on in a fast-moving startup environment and want to contribute to improving patient outcomes, Abridge wants to hear from you.

Job Description

Health care is all about conversations, with over 2B spoken conversations each year between patients and their care teams in just the United States. However, people forget up to 80% of those conversations, leading to worse patient outcomes. And doctors are burning out writing notes in their EMRs instead of focusing on their patients. That’s where Abridge comes in — our audio-based standalone and integrated solutions record and summarize medical conversations, anywhere care happens.

We’re looking for a platform engineer to help us build, secure, and scale our industry-leading natural language understanding products. You’ll work alongside our application and machine learning engineers to plan and deploy services using terraform and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You’ll also help us set up and secure integrations with our customers and partners. We are a small, collaborative team and you’ll have a big impact on how we work.

What You'll Do:

  • Lead the end-to-end design, development, testing, and deployment of our data pipelines and warehouse, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and data quality. You will evaluate, recommend, and implement the technologies, tools, and processes we need.
  • Collaborate closely with machine learning scientists, to understand data requirements and translate them into technical solutions that you will implement. You will also help ML teams to establish secure and compliant access protocols. You will interface with product managers, analysts, and other stakeholders to understand our business intelligence needs, and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Ensure the security, compliance, and privacy of data through implementation of necessary protocols and best practices.
  • Stay up to date with industry trends and advancements in data engineering and bring innovative ideas to continuously improve our data processes.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot data pipeline and warehouse quality and performance issues, ensuring smooth operation and proactively addressing potential bottlenecks.
  • Document the architecture, design decisions, and processes, enabling knowledge sharing within the team and across the organization.

Ideally, you bring:

  • 5+ years of Data Platform Engineering experience in a cloud-first organization
  • Experience in building and operating data pipelines and warehouses. You have probably built an organization’s first data pipeline, or have been the lead on a project to overhaul or replace an existing pipeline.
  • Knowledge about governance issues, and know how to secure sensitive information such as PHI, PII, or financial data without limiting its utility to analysts and scientists
  • Up-to-date industry best-practices and tools, and you enjoy learning new things; You'll have experience with tooling like Airbyte, Fivetran, dbt, Snowflake, and BigQuery.
  • Excitement to taking a hands-on in a fast-moving, productive, and supportive environment
  • Willingness to pitch in wherever needed—as a fast-moving startup we need to do good work, quickly

We value people who want to learn new things, and we know that great team members might not perfectly match a job description. If you’re interested in the role but aren’t sure whether or not you’re a good fit, we’d still like to hear from you.

Life at Abridge

At Abridge, we’re driven by our mission to bring understanding and follow-through to every medical conversation. Our culture is founded on doing things the “inverse” way in a legacy system—focusing on patients, instead of the system; focusing on outcomes, instead of billing; and focusing on the end-user experience, instead of a hospital administrator's mandate.

Abridgers are engineers, scientists, designers, and health policy experts from a diverse set of backgrounds—an experiment in alchemy that helps us transform an industry dominated by EHRs and enterprise into a consumer-driven experience, one recording at a time. We believe in strong ideas, loosely held, and place a high premium on a growth mindset. We push each other to grow and expose each other to the latest in our respective fields. Whether it’s holding a PhD-level deep dive into understanding fairness and underlying bias in machine learning models, debating the merits of a Scandinavian design philosophy in our UI/UX, or writing responses for Medicare rules to influence U.S. health policy, we prioritize sharing our findings across the team and helping each other be successful.

Abridge is an equal opportunity employer. Diversity and inclusion is at the core of what we do. We actively welcome applicants from all backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background, and sexual orientation).

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