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Aviva Overview

Who is Aviva?

Well, let's paint a picture. Imagine a company that's as dedicated to its employees as it is to its customers. A company that believes in a better tomorrow, and is willing to invest in its people to get there. Aviva is that company.

What's their philosophy?

Aviva is all about prevention first. They're not just about putting out fires, they're about stopping those fires from starting in the first place. They're forward-thinking, innovative, and creative. They're the industry leaders, the ones setting the pace and breaking new ground.

Where are they based?

Aviva is a global company, but they're not just about the big picture. They're committed to their local communities, too. They're home-based, but they're not homebound. They're all about getting out there, meeting with clients, and making a difference.

What's their work culture like?

At Aviva, it's about more than just a job. It's about being part of a team, a family. They're collaborative, supportive, and always looking to improve. They're not just colleagues, they're stakeholders in the business. They're invested in their work, in their clients, and in each other.

How do they treat their employees?

Aviva takes care of its people. They offer competitive salaries, generous pension schemes, and bonuses tied to performance. They're committed to work-life balance, with flexible working hours and locations. They even offer a company car!

What's their approach to diversity?

Aviva is for everyone. They're inclusive, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They're committed to equality, with supportive policies for parents and carers. They're not just about ticking boxes, they're about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

What about their community involvement?

Aviva doesn't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They offer their employees three paid volunteering days to give back to their communities. They're committed to making a difference, not just in their business, but in the world.

What's the bottom line?

Aviva is more than just a company. It's a community, a family, a philosophy. It's a place where you can grow, thrive, and make a difference. It's a place where you can be part of something bigger. It's a place where you can be you.

So, that's Aviva. A company that's as dedicated to its employees as it is to its customers. A company that believes in a better tomorrow, and is willing to invest in its people to get there. A company that's all about prevention first, innovation, and making a difference. A company that's for everyone.

What are typical salaries at Aviva?

Are you considering a career at Aviva? Gain insight into the potential financial rewards with our comprehensive salary guide. Based on publicly available data, we've compiled the estimated salary ranges for various roles. This information aims to empower you in your job search and career planning with Aviva.

Role / Job Title Salary Range
Senior Implementation Manager 60k-65k USD

Remember, your compensation at Aviva may include factors beyond base salary. For example, review perks such as health benefits, vacation time, and equity to understand total compensation.

Does Aviva allow remote work or work from home?

Yes they do! Based on the fact that Aviva has listed a remote job, it's safe to say that they are open to remote work and are actively looking for talented individuals to join their team, regardless of their location.

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