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Lithic Overview

Lithic: The Future of Secure Payments

Ahoy, financial explorers! Set sail with us on the good ship Lithic, where our mission is to make payments safer and easier for everyone. We're not just talking about your grandma's checks and balances. We're talking about cutting-edge, virtual payment cards that make spending more secure than a pirate's treasure chest.

Our journey began with a consumer product,, that helps folks navigate the stormy seas of online spending. But why stop at consumers? We've since launched a modern API, making our payment and card issuing infrastructure available to other startups, fintechs, and brands. Today, this infrastructure powers billions of dollars in payments for some of the most innovative companies in the world. And yes, we're proud as a peacock about it!

Remote-First, Adventure Always

As a remote-first company, we've got crew members scattered all over the globe, though we do keep a cozy office in New York for those who prefer the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Whether you're a digital nomad or a city slicker, we've got a spot for you. We've raised over $100M+ from top-tier investors, including Index, Bessemer, Stripes, and Tusk Venture Partners. Our recent Series C will help us continue to scale, reaching new heights (and depths) in the world of fintech.

Perks of Sailing with Us

The benefits of joining our crew? Besides the thrill of charting unexplored financial waters, we offer health, vision, and dental insurance, unlimited PTO, and a 401(k) match. We've also got a life insurance and ADD policy, and a sweet 3% cashback on all Privacy purchases. And did we mention we're remote-first? So you can work from your living room, a beach in Bali, or anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection.

So, if you're ready to join a team that's changing the way the world does payments, consider Lithic. We're always on the lookout for new crew members ready to make waves in the fintech world.

What are typical salaries at Lithic?

Are you considering a career at Lithic? Gain insight into the potential financial rewards with our comprehensive salary guide. Based on publicly available data, we've compiled the estimated salary ranges for various roles. This information aims to empower you in your job search and career planning with Lithic.

Role / Job Title Salary Range
Senior Account Executive 125k-250k USD
Senior Customer Success Manager 100k-130k USD
Sr. Engineering Manager ( 220k-270k USD

Remember, your compensation at Lithic may include factors beyond base salary. For example, review perks such as health benefits, vacation time, and equity to understand total compensation.

Does Lithic allow remote work or work from home?

Yes they do! Based on the fact that Lithic has listed a remote job, it's safe to say that they are open to remote work and are actively looking for talented individuals to join their team, regardless of their location.

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