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At Soofa, we're more than just a company - we're a fun-loving team dedicated to making cities smart, social, and sustainable. Founded at MIT by a group of innovative women, we've set out to revolutionize the way communities connect with neighborhood news on easily accessible digital kiosks. With our 100% solar-powered screens and commitment to zero carbon emissions, we're not just a company, we're a movement towards a greener future for all.

Join us on this exciting journey to create lasting partnerships with corporate clients, drive revenue growth, and deliver exceptional experiences at big events and large-scale venues. Our remote-first culture allows flexibility and inclusivity for all team members, as we work together to build a diverse and talented staff that's passionate about changing the world, one digital kiosk at a time.

So come be a part of the Soofa family - where dog-friendly offices, virtual team events, and a focus on community and talent development create a work environment like no other. Apply today and let's make cities smarter, one Soofa screen at a time!

Does Soofa allow remote work or work from home?

Yes they do! Based on the fact that Soofa has listed a remote job, it's safe to say that they are open to remote work and are actively looking for talented individuals to join their team, regardless of their location.

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