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At Markeeters, our Mission is to connect the Top 1% of Technology, Growth & Marketing Experts from India to Global Businesses. We're building the future of work for India's top remote talent

Job Description

We're hiring a top-tier Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Expert for a world-renowned Growth Consulting company based out of Europe. If you're passionate about data-driven marketing, user experience, and driving measurable results, read on!

The team you'll work with uses a strategic, analytical approach to optimization. They don't rely on guesswork or follow fleeting trends. They start with solid principles and are eager to explore innovative techniques.

In other words, they're proficient in A/B testing, user behavior analysis, and data visualization, but also have a deep understanding of user psychology and persuasive design.

Do you want to be the next optimization wizard at the fastest-growing Growth Platform team in Europe and take your career to new heights?

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? You'll join a platform team that empowers our Service Squads with experimentation capabilities. As our CRO Expert, you'll be a strategist with analytical chops, crafting experiments and deriving actionable insights. We're scouting for someone with ideally over 4 years of CRO experience. The more, the merrier, as it means more time to refine your problem-solving skills.


  • We're searching for a CRO Expert with 4 years of experience (preferably), who thrives in an agile environment and isn't fazed by any tool or methodology. Degrees and diplomas take a back seat to hard work and tangible results.
  • Working directly with user data and behavioral analytics, we value a deep understanding of user psychology and decision-making processes. A strong foundation in A/B testing, statistical analysis, and UX design principles is crucial as they are the bedrock of our work. Keeping abreast of their trends and best practices is the icing on the cake.
  • Web analytics and conversion funnel optimization are pivotal in our daily operations, so an understanding of user journey mapping and how to identify and resolve conversion bottlenecks is crucial. Knowing how to interpret and act on data is also important.
  • Experience with various CRO and analytics tools is essential. Being methodical and adhering to a common experimentation process is key.
  • Enjoying teamwork, and being unafraid to seek or offer help when needed is crucial. We operate as a single unit, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes together.
  • Managing criticism well, both giving and receiving, is important. We value best practices, continuous improvement, and open, heartfelt communication.
  • Most importantly, you should be eager to learn and share your knowledge with others.
  • All the above is essential, as it enables us to work the way we do. We know we demand a lot, but we aim high and need people aligned with our goals.

Qualifications High-level proficiency in A/B testing methodologies, statistical analysis, and user experience design, with extensive experience in web analytics and conversion funnel optimization.

Additional InformationALSO, IT WOULD BE IDEAL IF YOU

  • Have experience working with advanced personalization techniques
  • Have experience with machine learning and AI applications in CRO, which would greatly enhance the team's expertise.
  • Have a background in digital marketing or web development, which is a plus, but not a deal-breaker.
  • Are familiar with heatmap and session recording tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg, or experimentation tools like Optimizely, Google Optimize, or VWO. If not, you'll learn them here as we use them daily.

Advice from our career coach

As a CRO Expert applicant for a renowned Growth Consulting company in Europe, you must showcase proficiency in A/B testing, statistical analysis, user experience design, and web analytics to stand out. Here are some specific tips to help you shine:

  • Demonstrate at least 4 years of CRO experience and a comfort working in an agile environment.
  • Showcase a deep understanding of user psychology, decision-making processes, and UX design principles.
  • Highlight experience with web analytics, conversion funnel optimization, and user journey mapping.
  • Emphasize your familiarity with CRO and analytics tools, and your methodical approach to experimentation.
  • Illustrate your ability to work well in a team, handle criticism constructively, and foster open communication.
  • Express eagerness to learn, share knowledge, and align with the company's high standards and goals.
  • Bonus points for experience with personalization techniques, machine learning/AI in CRO, and background in digital marketing/web development.
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn heatmap/session recording tools like Hotjar, and experimentation tools like Optimizely or VWO, will also be advantageous.

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Jul 8, 2024


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