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DevOps/Automation Engineer (Latam) G6076

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Job Description

Nisum is a leading global digital commerce firm headquartered in California, with services spanning digital strategy and transformation, insights and analytics, blockchain, business agility, and custom software development. Founded in 2000 with the customer-centric motto “Building Success Together®,” Nisum has grown to over 1,800 professionals across the United States, Chile,Colombia, India, Pakistan and Canada. A preferred advisor to leading Fortune 500 brands, Nisum enables clients to achieve direct business growth by building the advanced technology they need to reach end customers in today’s world, with immersive and seamless experiences across digital and physical channels.
We're looking for a DevOps/Automation Engineer that will provide strategic direction and execute on infrastructure, security, continuous integration, deployment, and IT operations practices, scaling and metrics. You will run day-to-day operations of production and development infrastructure for a cloud based commerce platform. You will develop an innovative approach to simplify and streamline processes to increase system scalability and reliability, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. You will work with the Development and QA teams to provide continuous improvement of existing features and rollout of new services, ensuring high availability of our platform.

To be successful in this role we expect you to have to following skills and experience:

  • You must reside in Latam
  • Advanced English skills
  • Strong in Linux and Windows.
  • Experience supporting web applications (Ruby and Java based preferred
  • Scripting (Ruby, Perl, Python, Bash, Awk, PHP)
  • Elastic Cloud / Virtualization (ESXi ,EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Hypervisor, KVM, Xen, VDI)
  • Build Automation (Jenkins, Hudson, Cruisecontrol, Electric Commander)
  • Systems automation and provisioning frameworks (Chef, Puppet, Cfengine, Babushka, Knife, Mcollective, Func, Kickstart, PXE)
  • Large Scale Databases (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Hadoop)
  • Test Driven Development (junit/phpunit/RSpec/Cucumber). Middleware (MQ)
  • Caching strategy (CDN, Varnish, memcached, Redis). Familiar with high availability strategies (haproxy, Global Traffic Management / Multiple Datacenters, GeoDNS, failable architecture)
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) support.
  • Monitoring systems and frameworks (Nagios, Ganglia, CollectD, Graphite)
  • Performance testing and analysis.
  • Package management workflows (Aptitude/dpkg, Yum/RPM)
  • Single Sign On Technologies (LDAP, Kerberos, OpenDirectory, PAM)
  • Common Unix Systems Services (NFS, NTP, Apache, nginx)
  • Security frameworks (IPTables, Nessus, nmap)
  • F5 BIG-IP, Vipirion. Able to work in an Agile environment
  • Critical thinker with a research oriented problem solving approach.
  • REST API’s using XML and JSON. IBM 4690 OS.
  • Familiar with high availability strategies (haproxy, Global Traffic Management / Multiple Datacenters, GeoDNS, failable architecture).
¿What can we offer you?- Belong to an international and multicultural company that supports diversity.- Be part of international projects with a presence in North America, Pakistan, India and Latam.- Work environment with extensive experience in remote and distributed work, using agile methodologies.- Culture of constant learning and development in current technologies.- Pleasant and collaborative environment, with a focus on teamwork.- Access to learning platforms, Google Cloud certifications, Databricks, Tech Talks, etc. - Being part of various initiatives and continuous participation in internal and external activities of innovation, hackathon, technology, agility, talks, webinars, well-being and culture with the possibility not only to participate but also to be an exhibitor.- Since you live in Chile you will also have access to several benefits related to our center :)!
Nisum is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are proud of our ongoing efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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May 19, 2024


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