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Weights Biases, a series C company with $250 million in funding, is seeking a Director of Documentation to lead the team in building technical documentation for their developer tools. In this role, you will manage the team and contribute directly to building guides, tutorials, and reference content. You will actively use the tools in sample ML projects, partner with engineers and product managers, and work with marketing, sales, and support to improve accessibility. Responsibilities include building an effective team, prioritizing and executing on documentation projects, communicating priorities and results, strategizing on technical content, aggregating feedback, using the product, and advocating for clarity and concision. The ideal candidate has experience writing technical product documentation and leading teams of technical writers, as well as an understanding of machine learning and Python. Apply now and join a fast-moving company that values diverse and creative perspectives!

Job Description

At Weights Biases, our mission is to build the best developer tools for machine learning. Weights Biases is a series C company with $250 million in funding and a rapidly growing user base. Our platform is an essential piece of the daily work for machine learning engineers, from academic research institutions like FAIR and UC Berkeley to massive enterprise teams including iRobot, OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute, Samsung, NVIDIA, Salesforce, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lyft, and more.

Reporting to the VP of Product Management, the Director of Documentation will lead the team building technical documentation for WB’s full suite of developer tools: in Python, on the command line, and in the WB app. You will both manage the team and contribute directly to building guides, tutorials, and reference content.

The Director of Documentation will actively use WB in sample ML projects to test out workflows and interactions. You will partner with engineers and product managers to deeply understand the functionality and limitations of the products. Working with marketing, sales, and support, you will build a deep understanding of our core ML and LLM user workflows. You will use that knowledge to lead the docs team in making WB more accessible through guides, tutorials, and reference documentation.


  • Build an effective team. Recruit and retain great technical writers, and foster a culture of consistent feedback and fast iteration. Set up effective systems for the docs team to collaborate early and often on new product projects.
  • Prioritize and execute on docs projects based on input from users, metrics, and internal technical teams. Dig into metrics, and set up a roadmap of projects to make measurable impact. Advocate for the team’s priorities and advanced planning, reducing distractions and last-minute requests.
  • Communicate priorities and results to the larger WB organization, and advocate for the ways the docs team moves metrics and improves user satisfaction. Work cross-functionally to set up processes so that documentation is a core part of the product development lifecycle. Highlight the business value of docs with key metrics.
  • Strategize on technical content, including example code in GitHub repos, Colab, and tutorials on docs.wandb.ai. Define the right ownership and maintenance model to ensure this content is updated and useful. Pull in contributions from technical stakeholders across the company. Smooth the process of contributing PRs, reviewing PRs, and deploying updates.
  • Regularly aggregate feedback. Capture perspectives from external users and internal team members. Collaborate with Support, Customer Success, Growth, and internal ML Practitioners.
  • Use the product. Test the user workflows you are documenting, and build a deeper understanding of how our tools fit into the machine learning lifecycle. Run example scripts, and collaborate on new scripts to be included in guides.
  • Advocate for clarity and concision. Define and maintain a style guide to make the docs consistent, direct, and simple.


  • 3+ years writing technical product documentation for an audience of software developers, data scientists, or machine learning practitioners
  • Additional 3+ leading teams of technical writers as a manager

You will especially flourish in this role if you:

  • Function well in a fast moving company, and enjoy shipping improvements quickly and seeing the results of those changes
  • Feel confident in Python, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty playing with Jupyter Notebooks to test product features
  • Understand the basics of machine learning, and are excited to dive in and learn the deeper workflow of practitioners
  • Think through technical tradeoffs of docs automation and hosting tools, and empathize with team members who are maintaining the docs site, including testing and deployment

We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't perfectly align with the job description as we seek out diverse and creative perspectives. Team members who love to learn and collaborate in an inclusive environment will flourish with us. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. If you need additional accommodations to feel comfortable during your interview process, reach out at [email protected].

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