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Founding Full Stack Engineer (Senior/Lead/Principal/Director level)


United States
Base Salary
135k-203k USD

Job Description

An electricity exchange for the energy transition

ElectronX is a new market designed to enable precision risk management, volatility hedging opportunities, and the monetization of power assets for all energy market participants.

As a CFTC-regulated financial exchange*, ElectronX will offer derivatives products that capture the intraday price fluctuations of our rapidly changing electrical grid—helping to smooth the financial path of clean energy adoption across the nation.

*Subject to CFTC approval

Join ElectronX as a Founding Full Stack Engineer and build the electricity exchange for the energy transition. Read more about us in the Wall Street Journal.

You’ll work across the stack and fully own execution on our exchange web app, taking our exchange's user interface from 0 to 1. We welcome senior- to director-level candidates!

You should be in NYC or Chicago, or be willing to relocate within 6 months. We’re currently fully remote but will open NYC & Chicago offices with flexible work policies.

What are we looking for?

You’ve taken successful user-facing products from 0 to 1 at a startup

  1. Full-stack experience, with deep frontend expertise

  2. Significant contributions to a startup’s growth, directly impacting its trajectory

  3. Constantly experimenting with new code generation and deployment tools,

You’ve got a strong business and user focus, and have excellent instincts on making tradeoffs between shipping fast and accruing debt

  1. You’ll push us on the pace of delivery

  2. You’ll respectfully challenge our head of product on whether or not we actually need to build something

You’re relentlessly resourceful, with an entrepreneurial drive

  1. Loves thinking about (and executing on) better ways of doing things

  2. Loves listening to customers and building things that solve their problems, delightfully

  3. Has a tinkerer’s experimentation mindset

You’ve solved (or helped to solve) challenging technical and people scaling problems

  1. Has taken a product engineering organization from the “finding product/market fit” phase of growth to the “double down on what works” phase of growth AND learned from the technical and people scaling problems

  2. Hired and managed engineers before, made some mistakes AND learned from those experiences

  3. Open to learning and respecting the guardrails of operating in a regulated space, and creatively finds ways to help us ship fast and well

You’ll add to our cultural values (a work in progress you'll contribute to):

  1. Openness and humility: embrace transparency

  2. Curiosity: ask the nth question

  3. Speed: minimize the cost of experimentation

  4. Ownership: move with autonomy and alignment

  5. Protect the business: proactively manage risks

  6. Driven by data: be scientific

  7. Grit: the resilience to overcome challenges and strive for excellence

  8. Consistency: make the business a little better, every day

Bonus points if:

  1. You’ve started a company in the past

  2. You've shipped multiple products at a startup that has grown significantly

  3. Your former coworkers rave about working with you

  4. You’re fired up about exchanges, markets, electricity, or renewables

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About the job

Jul 10, 2024


135k-203k USD

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