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Frontend Developer Bc5993

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Nisum is a leading global digital commerce firm headquartered in California, with services spanning digital strategy and transformation, insights and analytics, blockchain, business agility, and custom software development. Founded in 2000 with the customer-centric motto “Building Success Together®,” Nisum has grown to over 1,800 professionals across the United States, Chile,Colombia, India, Pakistan and Canada. A preferred advisor to leading Fortune 500 brands, Nisum enables clients to achieve direct business growth by building the advanced technology they need to reach end customers in today’s world, with immersive and seamless experiences across digital and physical channels.
Para tener éxito en este rol, esperamos que cuentes con las siguientes habilidades y experiencia:- Al menos 5 años de experiencia relevante- Conocimiento y experiencia técnica con Angular 5+ | Typescript/Javascript | HTML5 |CSS/SASS- Material Ui design- Conocimiento con BFF- Conocimiento en Microfrontend y migraciones Angular- Creación de elementos responsivos- Disposición para trabajar en equipo, cumpliendo tareas de grupo y ceremonias de la- Metodología de trabajo.- Disposición para trabajar en un entorno de equipo pequeño donde pueda ser autosuficiente y proactivo con el avance de sus tareas y actividades- Experiencia trabajando en entorno ágil
Conocimientos deseables:- Conocimientos con GIT | Azure- Despliegue continuo CI/CD¿Qué te ofrecemos?- Pertenecer a una empresa internacional y multicultural que apoya la diversidad.- Formar parte de proyectos internacionales con presencia en Norteamérica, Pakistán, India y Latam.- Entorno de trabajo con amplia experiencia en trabajo remoto y distribuido, usando metodologías ágiles.- Cultura de constante aprendizaje y desarrollo en tecnologías actuales.- Ambiente agradable y colaborativo, con foco en el trabajo en equipo.- Acceso a plataformas de aprendizaje, certificaciones Google Cloud, Databricks, Tech Talks, etc.- Formar parte de diversas iniciativas y participación continua en actividades internas y externas de innovación, hackathon, tecnología, agilidad, charlas, webinars, bienestar y cultura con posibilidades no solo de participar sino de ser expositor.- Si resides en Chile, accedes además a estos beneficios: Tarjeta Sodexo, beneficio de Sala Cuna, acceso a Seguro Complementario de Salud, Mutual de Seguridad, ¡entre otros!
Para que tengas en cuenta :) Este puesto es full time.
Nisum is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are proud of our ongoing efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Advice from our career coach

To be successful in applying for this role at Nisum, a leading global digital commerce firm, it is essential to have a strong technical background and experience working with Angular, Typescript/Javascript, HTML5, CSS/SASS, Material Ui design, BFF, Microfrontend, and Angular migrations. Additionally, the ability to create responsive elements, work well in a team, and have experience in an agile environment are crucial. For applicants looking to stand out, showcasing knowledge of GIT, Azure, and continuous deployment CI/CD will be beneficial. Here are some specific tips to help you stand out as an applicant:

  • Demonstrate a strong technical proficiency with Angular, Typescript/Javascript, HTML5, CSS/SASS, Material Ui design, and BFF in your resume and cover letter.
  • Showcase your experience with responsive design and agile methodologies in your previous roles.
  • Highlight any experience with GIT, Azure, and continuous deployment CI/CD in your application materials.
  • Emphasize your ability to work well in a team and be proactive in a small team environment.
  • Express your interest in ongoing learning and development, as well as your ability to contribute to innovation and collaboration within the company.
  • For applicants in Chile, mentioning familiarity with local benefits like Tarjeta Sodexo and access to Seguro Complementario de Salud can be a plus.

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Apr 25, 2024


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