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About SignOnSite

SignOnSite makes impactful software for the Construction Industry. We are used by 1 in 4 construction workers in Australia, and 1 in 2 in New Zealand, with global expansion plans. We are an Australian SaaS company with a remote team across Australia and New Zealand.

We know that workers are at the heart of the Construction industry, so we turn everyday site processes into genuine engagements with safety and real-time data points for managers. SignOnSite is a platform that embeds a culture of safety through daily engagement, real-time data & communication.

We have a Worker-first approach to both our product and our team, and we’ve worked hard to build a positive culture with a focus on performance, inclusion and diversity. We want people to succeed in their roles while having a good time.

About SignOnSite Engineering

Trust and experimentation are key to the Engineering culture at SignOnSite. With a true no-blame culture and individual ownership, there is low gatekeeping for changes and abundant opportunity to experiment with new ideas.

As part of our team, you will:

  • Deliver new features while maintaining and improving existing technology quality and architecture.
  • Work with the rest of your team (engineers, product people & designers) to scope and deliver work for new features and maintenance/improvements to existing code and infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities to improve operational excellence, ways of working and customer outcomes and, in collaboration with your team & team leader, work to deliver on those opportunities.

We’re a team who:

  • Hold space for each other when communicating and put people ahead of deadlines.
  • Often experiments with new ways of working in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Achieves a high standard of excellence in the AWS Well-Architected Framework across all five pillars (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimisation)

Our stack is: GraphQL + Serverless + MySQL for backend; React + Next.js (w/ Typescript), Native iOS and Native Android frontends, and our infrastructure is AWS (RDS, SES, S3, Route53, EKS, ECS). For Dev Tooling + CI/CD, we use Github.


About the role:

As one of our Junior Engineers, you will have the following skills:

  • A desire, openness and aptitude toward learning and attaining mastery of many and varied technologies. You will have opportunities to work across web (React, Next.js), backend (Serverless + Typescript), native mobile (SWIFT/Kotlin) & infrastructure (SST, CloudFormation).
  • A desire to carry features from start to finish; including prototypes, design - specifications, constructive coding, and bug-fixing.
  • A collaborative working style and an appreciation for working in an agile (& sometimes messy/uncertain) environment.
  • A desire to work with developers of all skill levels, learn from team-members with more experience and contribute to the collective learning of the whole team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to discuss technical problems and solutions with both technical and non-technical people.
  • Ability to think holistically about the impact of your work and your decisions on the whole business, not just the engineering team.
  • An aptitude for shipping software.

Bonus skills - These skills are not required, but a willingness to learn what you need to deliver a feature end-to-end and get hands-on with unfamiliar technologies to support team-mates and team-outcomes is a must:

  • Demonstrated ability to break large pieces of work into small, shippable units of value, collaborating to develop simple, evolvable architectures that prioritise learning over perfection (bonus and not required)
  • Ability to read & write SQL
  • Ability to write & use SST
  • Ability to write & configure NX
  • Ability to read & write SWIFT/Kotlin
  • Experience writing with React, Next.js, Serverless technologies and Typescript
  • Experience writing GraphQL
  • Experience connecting frontends to backends (either web or mobile frontends)
  • Experience with Unit and UI testing

In Your First 6 Months in This Role:

  • You will work with your cross-functional team to scope, design & deliver customer and user value to hundreds of thousands of construction workers around the world on a regular cadence.
  • You will build and maintain a strong working relationship with your team (engineers, designers & product people).
  • Meet with people across the organisation and gain context into the wider org to help give context to engineering and business decisions.
  • You will work to improve our processes, tooling, tech stack & architecture.


Benefits When You Join SignOnSite

  • Flexibility: We are a distributed organisation, so we have flexibility on both where you work (from home or a coworking space) and the hours. We offer part-time roles and flexible work hours, so you can best balance your time with us with your personal time.
  • Health and Wellbeing: We believe your health and wellbeing goes beyond personal leave and RUOK day, so SignOnSite provides access to an EAP for free therapy and coaching for both you and your family. We also offer additional paid Mental Health leave and Minimum Viable Days across the organisation.
  • We Exist Within Work Hours: We strive to make sure that your time is your own outside of emergencies (like server downtime). Therefore, we make almost all staff events within work hours, except for our offsite.
  • Family Friendly: We offer comprehensive parental leave and benefits for primary and non-primary caregivers. We also understand that your family is a priority and understand the flexibility required for everyday challenges like school pick-ups, sick kids and daycare mishaps.
  • Work That Impacts People: Our app is used by tens of thousands of workers every day. We remove administrative burdens on people and help them be safe and compliant. We want everyone to get some safely, and we build technology to help make that happen.

Our Values

We use four company values as decision-making tools across the organisation. Some of these are behaviours we have deliberately cultivated, and some have emerged through the natural culture of the team. If you align with our values, we would love to hear from you.

  • Act With Integrity: This value has been around since day one. We expect you to behave with integrity, and we expect others to do the same, including our customers. Acting with integrity is more important than profits, and we won’t hesitate to do what we think is the right thing, even if it means firing customers.
  • Effective Over Familiar: It’s easy to use the tools and techniques you’re most comfortable with, so we deliberately encourage our team to experiment with finding the right solution for their problem. This gives you room to try something new, and we celebrate the experimentation, no matter the outcome.
  • Worker-first: We want our users AND our employees to know that we prioritise them. We design our product to add real value to the end-user, not just to our customers, and we consider our team in every decision we make. It’s that simple.
  • Un-seriously Professional: We don’t take ourselves too seriously at SignOnSite, and we value being playful and having a laugh. We know that taking time for a bit of fun can help build stronger cross-functional relationships, making your working hours easier and more enjoyable.

Next Steps

If you’re excited about our mission and you have experience and a passion for this role, please hit “Apply” below.

We’re proud that SignOnSite is a place where everyone can learn and grow. So if you’re not sure that you tick all the boxes but feel you’re close to what we’re looking for, please apply anyway as we’d love to hear from you!

Once you apply, you’ll hear from us to acknowledge your application. If you have questions about any of the above, or if you have any accessibility requirements, we’ll be able to help you from there.

Advice from our career coach

As a Junior Engineer at SignOnSite, it is crucial to showcase a desire for learning, collaborative working style, and an aptitude for delivering end-to-end features. To stand out as an applicant, consider the following tips:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and master various technologies, including web, backend, native mobile, and infrastructure.
  • Showcase your ability to work collaboratively in an agile environment, learning from team members and contributing to the collective learning.
  • Highlight your excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and attention to detail.
  • Emphasize your ability to think holistically about the impact of your work on the whole business and your aptitude for shipping software.
  • If possible, showcase any experience or familiarity with SQL, SST, NX, SWIFT/Kotlin, React, Next.js, Serverless technologies, Typescript, GraphQL, and unit/UI testing.

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Jun 3, 2024


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