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Learning & Development Specialist



Job Description

Learning & Development Specialist

Department: Learning & Development

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: India Remote


Why Should You Become a Learning & Development Specialist At Axelerant?

At Axelerant, stepping into the role of Learning & Development Specialist opens a gateway to influencing the future of engineering brilliance. As part of our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, this position offers an unparalleled opportunity to shape the skills and careers of our engineering talent. You will be at the heart of driving technical excellence, ensuring our teams remain at the cutting edge of technology and engineering practices. Your contributions will directly enhance our capacity to tackle complex challenges and deliver groundbreaking solutions, making you an integral part of Axelerant's mission to lead with innovation in the tech industry.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and implement targeted learning programs that cater to the evolving needs of our engineering teams, ensuring both newcomers and seasoned professionals advance their skills.
  • Quickly adapt to emerging technologies, integrating them into impactful learning solutions that keep our teams ahead in a competitive landscape.
  • Partner with technical leaders to assess and address skill gaps, aligning L&D strategies with our forward-looking project demands.
  • Deliver diverse training formats — from workshops to e-learning — that resonate with varied learner preferences and expertise levels, emphasizing hands-on, practical learning experiences.
  • Engage in the creation of interactive and compelling recorded sessions, featuring activities, checks, and assignments that mirror real-world challenges.
  • Craft and execute evaluations that benchmark against industry standards, aiming to fulfill the ambitious outcomes expected from our courses.

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

  • At least 2 years in a Learning & Development role, with a strong preference for backgrounds in technical or engineering contexts.
  • A proven ability to design and execute technical training programs, grounded in adult learning principles and instructional design techniques.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills, capable of inspiring diverse groups of learners.
  • Experience in full stack development across any technology stack, offering a comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle.

Good To Have
  • Certifications in instructional design, training facilitation, or equivalent.
  • Experience with L&D in fast-paced tech environments or multinational settings.
  • Knowledge of engineering software tools, programming languages, or technical skills pertinent to Axelerant’s focus areas.

What Would Success Look Like For You?

Success in the first 6 to 12 months means having significantly uplifted the technical competencies of our engineering teams, reflected in enhanced project performance, innovation, and the seamless adoption of new technologies. Your impact will be measured by the visible growth in our teams’ abilities to tackle increasingly complex projects and their contributions to Axelerant’s technological leadership.

Your Work’s Impact

By spearheading our learning and development initiatives, you not only elevate the individual capabilities of our engineers but also drive the collective success of Axelerant. Your role is a cornerstone in building a resilient, innovative workforce that can adapt and thrive amidst technological advancements. Beyond organizational growth, your efforts contribute to the broader tech community by nurturing talents that push the boundaries of engineering and innovation, resonating with our mission to make a meaningful impact on society through technology.


We're a people-centric company, driven by our core values: Openness, Enthusiasm, and Kindness.
We highly value our people and invest in their growth and wellbeing through progressive benefits, which puts us among India's top 40 companies in health and wellbeing.
  • Excellent work exposure - Some of our recent clients were the UN, the University of East London, and Doctors Without Borders.
  • Work-life flexibility and remote work - You decide when and where to work. This has allowed many team members, who couldn’t have held a regular job otherwise, to have thriving careers.

  • Eight-hour workdays - We don't say 8 hours and expect 12 hours minimum.

  • Meaningful time off - 52 weekends and 35 days per year of consolidated leave, plus maternity, paternity, and sabbatical allowances. We also have Kindness, Bereavement, and Caregiver Leaves for difficult times.

  • Medical insurance for self and family - Because your and your loved ones’ health matter to us.

  • Performance coaching - Our professional, empathetic coaches will help you become your best version through career and personal development.

  • Event sponsorship - If your session at any event is selected, and aligns with our organization goals, we sponsor the whole trip (national or international).

  • Continuing education allowance - We’ll cover up to 3% of your annual salary yearly for classes, certifications, or buying books to further your capabilities. Additionally, we’ll reimburse up to 13,000 INR/$130 USD for a reading device like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

  • No micromanagement - Micromanagement makes us grunt like the Hulk. So nobody would be looking over your shoulders. But help is always available when asked.

  • No discrimination - We believe in equal pay for equal work. Personal decisions like planning to have children will not stop you from getting promoted.

  • Championing inclusivity - We like diversity. It enriches our lives and products. If you see something wrong or that could be better on day 1, share through established channels to bring positive change. We listen.

  • Meaningful projects to contribute back - Most of our projects are in the education, government, healthcare, and not-for-profit sectors. We also encourage and support team members for open-source contributions.
There Are Many Other Progressive Benefits:
  • Health and wellness allowance
  • Generous home office set-up allowance
  • Sponsored team meet-ups, offsites, and retreats
  • Co-working space allowance

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Mar 22, 2024


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