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Senior Server/Backend Engineer - Spry Fox

Remote position, United States only

$100k - $600k


Spry Fox, a game development studio, is seeking a Senior Server/Backend Engineer to join their team and help build an original, non-violent MMO. The company values work-life balance, discourages crunch, and strives to create a positive and supportive work environment. As a Senior Server/Backend Engineer, you will be responsible for directing the architecture of backend services and game servers, implementing new game features, coordinating deployments, ensuring security, and maintaining data systems. Experience with Python, containerization, SQL databases, and MMO projects is required, while familiarity with C++ and Unreal Engine is a plus. The compensation structure includes an annual salary and the range for this role is $90,000-$600,000. Netflix, Spry Fox's parent company, offers comprehensive benefits and a unique culture. Join Spry Fox and be part of a team that aims to make the world a better place through their games!

Job Description


Our motto is, “make the world a better place”; and we try to do this through the games we make. Invention is part of our DNA at Spry Fox. Whether it’s by designing MMOs that encourage the development of friendships and discourage toxicity, or by designing unique puzzle games that promote English language learning; we’re always asking ourselves “how does this game improve your life?”

Spry Fox strives to be a studio that is a pleasure to work for, an important but not dominating part of your life, and recognizes crunch is a negative, counter-productive industry practice — something to be learned from and avoided in the future. We want you to have friends, family, hobbies, and a life outside of work. We want you to love your colleagues and know that they support you 100%. We want you to be proud of what you do and how you do it.

For 10+ years, we’ve been fully remote with Foxes scattered all over the world. To make that work well, we all try to be online and communicative from 10am to 2pm PST to ensure that we have enough overlapping work hours with our team; otherwise, our schedules are flexible and fully under our individual control!

Now that we’re a part of Netflix, we can do what we love with more support and without having to worry about how to monetize! We’ve always been focused on making thoughtful, original games… now more than ever.


Spry Fox is looking for a Senior Server/Backend Engineer to join our team and help us build an original, non-violent MMO! You’ll work alongside a small team of extraordinarily talented and thoughtful people who are building our game server and backend, bringing players together and ensuring that things run smoothly.


  • You will direct the architecture of both backend services and game servers for a large-scale, non-violent, cozy MMO.
  • You will work closely with artists, designers, and other engineers to implement new game features across the server and backend service layers.
  • You will coordinate web service and game server deployments (and scaling) across dozens of machines and hundreds of processes ensuring maximum stability and a smooth player experience.
  • You will be responsible for the security of the studio’s publicly accessible services and game servers.
  • You will be responsible for designing and maintaining the systems that persist data from thousands of requests per second across hundreds of servers.


  • You are familiar with Python, containerization, container orchestration and SQL databases.
  • You have worked on one or more shipped MMO projects and have a deep understanding of the entire tech stack.
  • You have the ability to communicate with all team members, including artists, programmers, and designers on the many tradeoffs required to build an MMO.

Nice To Have

  • You are comfortable with C++ and comfortable implementing and improving gameserver features (like networking and data storage).
  • Our game client uses Unreal Engine, some experience would be a bonus.

Our compensation structure consists solely of an annual salary; we do not have bonuses. You choose each year how much of your compensation you want in salary versus stock options. To determine your personal top of market compensation, we rely on market indicators and consider your specific job family, background, skills, and experience to determine your compensation in the market range. The range for this role is $90,000-$600,000

Netflix provides comprehensive benefits including Health Plans, Mental Health support, a 401(k) Retirement Plan with employer match, Stock Option Program, Disability Programs, Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts, Family-forming benefits, and Life and Serious Injury Benefits. We also offer paid leave of absence programs. Full-time hourly employees accrue 35 days annually for paid time off to be used for vacation, holidays, and sick paid time off. Full-time salaried employees are immediately entitled to flexible time off. See more details about our Benefits here.

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