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Data Entry Associate - Freelance


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Job Description

Annotation drives AI’s capabilities.

Industries across the board are embracing AI, and the backbone of this revolution is accurate data labeling (data annotation). As an AI Tutor - Expert Annotator, you will not just be performing routine tasks; you are a meticulous specialist ensuring the highest quality of data markup. In this role, you help pave the way for more reliable and responsible AI models by laying the groundwork through precise annotation.


  • Accurately label and annotate data following comprehensive project guidelines.
  • Make justified decisions on ambiguous content by applying critical thinking to preserve the integrity of the dataset.
  • Actively collaborate with team members to discuss and resolve ambiguities, align on best practices, and enhance project outcomes.
  • Consistently adhere to established data labeling standards and protocols, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of data.


Our ideal candidate:

  • Has great command of English: advanced (C1) / proficiency (C2) / native level.
  • Has a keen eye for detail: precision is paramount in data labeling.
  • Is a dedicated performer who recognizes the importance of even routine tasks.


  • Be part of a significant project for a leading technology company, making a substantial impact on the future of AI.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a part-time, remote role that accommodates your schedule.
  • Try your hand at an AI project and enrich your portfolio with new experiences.

Advice from our career coach

As an AI Tutor - Expert Annotator, the successful applicant should know that precision and attention to detail are key in this role. Here are some tips to stand out as an applicant:

  • Highlight your strong command of English, whether it's at an advanced (C1), proficiency (C2), or native level, as clear communication is essential for accurate data labeling.
  • Showcase your ability to make informed decisions on ambiguous content by emphasizing your critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate your collaboration skills by sharing examples of how you have worked with team members to resolve ambiguities and enhance project outcomes.
  • Emphasize your dedication to quality and reliability by discussing instances where you have consistently adhered to established standards and protocols in previous roles.
  • Express your interest in making a significant impact on the future of AI and your enthusiasm for contributing to a leading technology company's project.

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