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DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer - full-time

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Job Description

As Site Reliability Engineer/DevOps, the overall performance and reliability of the cloud infrastructure are in your hands, and with it you share the responsibility for all aspects of security, stability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of the platform and its related components with the SRE team.

You participate in product meetings and consult with the team on priorities. As an experienced Engineer, you’ve mastered professional programming skills and produced fully functional programs by writing clean, tested code. Your output is of a very high standard, which means you have checked, tested, and reviewed your work, and you are aware of the unpredictable.

In close collaboration with the team, you create robust solutions that follow security principles. You’re able to work independently, manage and monitor your work, and understand the value of going the extra mile in your work. You also understand that “boring” tasks must be completed to the same quality as any other task. Together with the team, you manage the entire software development life cycle, end to end and you swiftly answer queries from clients. Furthermore, to support the team you will be participating in monitoring and support duty rotation (on-call). Since you strongly care about results, you deliver your work and achieve your objectives within the given time and budget.

As an experienced Engineer, you understand that your work is not only about programming. Your proactive nature makes it easy for you to anticipate problems and communicate any risks at an early stage. If something goes wrong you’ll avoid passing the blame and take on the responsibility for your work. You can see the impact your work has on others and if there is an issue arising you address it positively. You are helpful and considerate with your team members and if you can, help others to grow. On the other hand, you are not hesitating to ask for help from other team members and are actively seeking to learn from more experienced colleagues. Also in your efforts, you continuously stay up-to-date with industry developments.

As a Site Reliability Engineer/DevOps you act wisely and with foresight, you think entrepreneurially, make accurate estimations, and assess the consequences of your actions thoroughly.


  • Very good expertise working with configuration management software such as Terraform and Ansible
  • Very good knowledge of Docker and Cloud Native technologies (experience with Kubernetes advantageous)
  • Very good expertise working with different IaaS providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud...)
  • Very good Linux system administration and optimization knowledge
  • Very good knowledge of the TCP/IP network stack (including UDP)
  • Very good knowledge of web-related protocols (HTTP, TLS, DNS,...) and load-balancing thereof
  • Good expertise in programming with Go
  • Experience with backing services such as Postgres (required), Redis, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch, including setup, administration, scaling, and monitoring thereof
  • Experience with zero-downtime deployment of complex web applications
  • Familiarity with git
  • Expertise in programming with Python
  • Ideally some experience with Django or other Python-based web frameworks
  • Very professional in contact with clients and a high degree of empathy to assess their concerns properly and rapidly
  • Extremely reliable character, able to work independently and to cope with pressure
  • A team player experienced in working in intercultural and geographically dispersed teams
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English


Join the Divio Adventure: Where Dreams Meet the Cloud!

Passionate about infrastructure and security, your head always in the cloud, and looking for new challenges? Look no further! Divio might be a small hosting provider, yet our aspirations soar to the skies.

Who We Are: As a nimble team armed with keyboards and bold objectives, we aim to streamline the deployment of everything, anywhere. Whether it's AWS, Azure, GCP, you name it! our control panel is here to make it all just a mouse click away. In our small company, change is embraced, and we don't get bogged down by endless meetings and political maneuvers. Our focus is 100% on engineering!

Why You Should Choose Us:

✨ Remote Wonderland: Forget about commuting nightmares and office cubicles. Join us from the comfort of your favorite spot, wherever that may be. We believe in high flexibility because creativity knows no boundaries, and who doesn’t want to work in panties?

✨ Dream Team: Members of our multi-cultural team are as nice as Swiss chocolate and as efficient as German engineers. We hold to high-quality standards and are selective in our hiring, so you will be among your peers.

✨ Tech Playground: we've got a smorgasbord of technologies for you to play with, and are always up for adopting the latest and greatest. Help us discover who they are, we are not afraid of change.

🌟 Big Impact: your ideas won't get lost in the abyss of corporate bureaucracy. Everyone stands on equal ground here, and your influence can be as substantial as you make it.

🌟 Brag to Friends: the Divio platform is just awesome, so you will always have something to talk about in tech gatherings. Plus, you will enjoy premium hosting for all your projects, in case you want to show off your side hustles too!

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Apr 2, 2024


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