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Why Clipboard Health Exists:

We exist to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible. We dramatically improve lives, by letting healthcare professionals turn extra time and ambition into career growth and financial opportunity. We achieve this with our app-based marketplace that connects healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals, allowing healthcare professionals to book on-demand shifts and healthcare facilities to access on-demand talent. Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to work when and where they want, and to enable healthcare facilities to meet their talent needs.

About Clipboard Health:

Clipboard Health is a post-Series C, extremely fast-growing tech startup with classic two-sided network effects, revolutionizing the market for healthcare talent. We are a diverse and inclusive company with a global, remote team. We have been named one of YC’s Top Companies for two years running, and have grown 25x across all key metrics in the last 18 months. There has never been a more exciting time to join our growing team and help us serve even more healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities, who can then better serve patients. To learn more about working at Clipboard Health, take a look at our Careers page and how we work.

We are a globally distributed team with folks from the United States, Canada, Chile, Mongolia, Turkey, India, Madagascar, Ukraine, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia… and more. Our values center around customer centricity, urgency, curiosity, and ownership. We are all empowered to fix the problems we see, there are no “toes” to be stepped on. A team went off and created a new SaaS product, another team rewrote a core service under a new architecture. We believe in our collective mission and do what it takes to move the needle on that goal.

What you’ll do

  • You will be responsible for your team’s process, delivery, and execution. Ensuring that the team can work optimally and with high quality.
  • You will partner with product managers, and our customers, to create your team’s roadmap.
  • While you may not be involved in day-to-day coding, you will be reviewing your team’s work and providing technical guidance and coaching. This involves reviewing PRs, architecture and design documents and ensuring that the output of your team is of high quality and solves the customer’s problems.
  • You will be responsible for managing your team’s performance. This means proactively identifying and rectifying the impact of low performance and giving immediate and actionable feedback.
  • We value a growth mindset, and as an engineering manager, you will be responsible for helping your engineers grow to their full potential.
  • Every individual at Clipboard Health has an impact on the business. As an Engineering Manager, we will look to you for input on streamlining our engineering processes, helping craft our goals, and raising the bar for the technical teams at the company. At Clipboard Health we say “We don’t have any toes to step on”. If you see a problem, you fix it.
  • As a fast-paced team that is constantly growing, you will participate in all stages of the hiring process.
  • We give constant feedback and highly value transparency. You’ll have a lot of conversations in open forums, and as a curious team that values “first-principles thinking”, you can expect questions and feedback on these conversations.

What you bring to the table

  • At least 6 years of software development experience and 2+ years of experience leading software development professionals (either as an Engineering Manager, Tech Lead or Founder)
  • Experience leading agile and high-performing teams in a fast-paced, geographically dispersed environment.
  • Ability to identify and manage performance issues swiftly as well as coaching skills to empower developers at various levels. You must be comfortable with having difficult conversations, addressing problems head-on, and being decisive about outcomes.
  • A deep appreciation for customers and the ability to navigate ambiguous customer problems and translate them into actionable solutions.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Able to break down problems and solutions into their component parts and explain each component to fellow engineers and non-technical stakeholders rather than relying on reasoning by proxy or relying on best practices
  • Hands-on development and system design experience.
  • Ability to work equally well with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Experience with growing teams: hiring, retaining, and onboarding top talent.

Why Clipboard Health?

  • 100% remote, flexible working hours.
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Async first, with sync collaboration as it’s needed.
  • This is a high-impact role. From the hiring, onboarding, team execution, and talent practices to customer impact, new verticals, and technical uplevelling of the team: there's room for improvement on it all, and we are looking for people who want to build the new era of Clipboard Health with us.

Advice from our career coach

A successful applicant for this Engineering Manager position at Clipboard Health should know that this role requires strong leadership skills, technical expertise, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, geographically dispersed environment. To stand out as an applicant, consider the following tips:

  • Highlight your experience leading and managing agile, high-performing teams.
  • Showcase your ability to provide technical guidance and coaching to team members.
  • Emphasize your experience with system design and hands-on development.
  • Demonstrate your success in growing teams through hiring, retaining, and onboarding top talent.
  • Discuss your skills in identifying and managing performance issues swiftly and decisively.
  • Illustrate your customer-centric approach and ability to translate customer problems into actionable solutions.
  • Highlight your excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Show how you have worked effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Discuss any experience you have with process improvement, streamlining engineering processes, and raising the bar for technical teams.
  • Emphasize your ability to work in a remote, flexible environment and your comfort with constant feedback and transparency.

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