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Frontend Engineer - SEO - Open to remote across ANZ

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Job Description

Company Description

About the Team:

The mission of the SEO Group is to empower every user in the world to discover Canva. One out of every five Canva users comes through SEO, for every type of job to be done (JTBD). Includes design tools, editable templates, print products, and AI-powered content and image generation. Our goal is to make Canva the best answer on search engines for every design need.

About the Role:

The two major focuses for SEO engineering are SEO Growth and Programmatic SEO.

SEO Growth aims to capture every SEO opportunity brought by Canva’s ever-growing product offerings. As an Engineer in this team, you will:

  • Collaborate with SEO specialists and product feature teams to identify and explore new feature integration opportunities on landing pages.
  • Develop and deploy new tools and interactive landing pages to help users find solutions to their JTBD.
  • Contribute to building and maintaining the in-house CMS system.
  • Contribute to building and maintaining the page rendering system.

Programmatic SEO aims to scale and automate Canva’s SEO workflow with the latest AI/ML technologies. As an Engineer in this team, you will:

  • Work closely with SEO Specialists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Backend Engineers to create an internal tool for scaling and automating Canva’s SEO practice.
  • Design and build a top-notch UI/UX for analyzing, showcasing, and managing large amounts of data.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with product designers and product managers to build efficient and reusable front-end components and features.
  • Identify and tackle any page load/render performance bottlenecks.
  • Explore and integrate with external services.
  • Participate in design and code reviews.
  • Collaborate across teams and specialties on new ideas and enhancements to help achieve our goals
  • Take ownership and drive projects from start to finish.

What we're looking for:

  • We'd love to hear from you if you:
  • Possess solid computer science fundamentals.
  • Have extensive knowledge of browser-based technologies and modern standards, including:
  • HTML, CSS, a11y and basic UX principles
  • JavaScript, the event loop, event system, and the browser rendering pipeline
  • basic web security & privacy controls (CSRF, CORS, CSP etc)
  • Have a strong grasp of web fundamentals such as DNS, HTTP, and modern web delivery techniques such as SSR, CDNs, Edge compute.
  • Have experience in developing rich applications across browsers and devices, along with the ability to write performant, reusable code for a11y and i18n-ready UI components.
  • A solid grounding in automated testing techniques (including unit, integration, visreg and E2E), along with good observability and reliability fundamentals.
  • Possess excellent communication skills that allow you to build relationships with a diverse group of people, enabling you to drive impact across the company.
  • Ability and willingness to read and understand code (especially Java) from other product feature teams the SEO team may be unfamiliar with.
  • A solid understanding of how to deliver value, not just code.

Not a must, but a big plus if:

  • You understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization and have familiarity with some SEO research tools, such as Botify, Lumar, etc.
  • You have experience with TypeScript (or other typed languages)
  • React and MobX
  • Java

Advice from our career coach

As an experienced career coach, I believe that to stand out as an applicant for this SEO Engineering position, you should showcase your expertise in web development and SEO practices. Here are some specific tips to help you shine:

  • Highlight your solid computer science fundamentals and knowledge of browser-based technologies and modern standards, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web security principles.
  • Demonstrate your experience in developing rich applications across browsers and devices, emphasizing writing performant, reusable code for UI components.
  • Showcase your automated testing techniques proficiency, along with good observability and reliability fundamentals.
  • Emphasize your communication skills and ability to build relationships with diverse teams, showcasing how you can drive impact across the company.
  • If applicable, mention any familiarity with SEO research tools and experience with TypeScript, React, MobX, and Java as additional skills that could be a big plus for the role.

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