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Job Description

When our values align, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

At Parexel, we all share the same goal - to improve the world's health. From clinical trials to regulatory, consulting, and market access, every clinical development solution we provide is underpinned by something special - a deep conviction in what we do.

Each of us, no matter what we do at Parexel, contributes to the development of a therapy that ultimately will benefit a patient. We take our work personally, we do it with empathy and we're committed to making a difference.

Inviting applications to join our South Africa CRA Talent Pipeline.

Please provide some basic information and upload your resume. As soon as a role becomes available, we will promptly send you an email invitation to

officially apply. Thank you for your interest.

As a top Clinical Research Organization in the world, we are looking to strengthen our Clinical Operations team. You will work independently and actively manage all necessary activities required for setting up and monitoring a study, completing accurate study status reports, and maintaining study documentation.

Dedicated to one sponsor, a global pharmaceutical company that leads the way in discovering and developing innovative health solutions that help prevent and treat diseases in animals and people.

Our sponsor has a long history of excellence in research, delivering medicines, vaccines, and other health solutions for some of the most difficult diseases in the world.

You Will Possess:

  • Bachelor's degree in a life science or related discipline.

  • At least 1 year of monitoring in the advertised country.

  • Essential - minimum of 2 years CRAII or 4 years SCRA of independent onsite monitoring experience - all types of visits.

  • Deep understanding of ICH GCP Compliance.

  • Excellent time management and social skills

  • Initiative-taking with a phenomenal eye for detail.

  • Ability to travel.

Benefits Of Working With Parexel FSP

  • Comprehensive benefits package and salary.

  • Travel Allowance.

  • Company cell phone and equipment.

  • Market leading PTO.

  • Culture of teamwork and collaboration.

  • Local line manager.

  • Excellent training.

  • People who motivate and face challenges together.

  • Innovative technology.

We care about our people and your passion, as they are the key to our success, and provide an open and friendly work environment where we empower people and provide them with opportunities to develop their long-term careers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop within your role and tackle further responsibilities or develop your skill set.

Apply today.

Advice from our career coach

As someone who has worked in the clinical research field for several years, I can tell you that this opportunity with Parexel is truly unique and rewarding. To stand out as an applicant for the South Africa CRA Talent Pipeline, here are some specific tips:

  • Highlight your Bachelor's degree in a life science or related discipline to meet the educational requirements.
  • Showcase your monitoring experience in the advertised country to demonstrate your familiarity with the local regulations and practices.
  • Emphasize your experience as a CRAII or SCRA to showcase your ability to work independently and handle all types of monitoring visits.
  • Discuss your deep understanding of ICH GCP Compliance to prove your commitment to ethical research practices.
  • Highlight your excellent time management and social skills, along with your keen eye for detail, to demonstrate your ability to effectively manage study activities.
  • If you have a proven track record of successful travel for work, make sure to mention your ability to travel, as it is a crucial aspect of this role.

By focusing on these key points in your application and during the interview process, you can position yourself as a strong candidate for this exciting opportunity with Parexel's FSP team.

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Jun 7, 2024


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