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Base Salary
200k USD

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About CourseCareers

Do you want to leave your mark on the world?

The college system has lied to us and cheated us. We've gone to war with the system and are on the front line fighting back.

No more will students be forced into debt just to be able to have access to a decent career that doesn't even utilize their education. We’re the modern way people start careers. We help everyone ranging from 18-year-olds using our program as a college alternative to people switching their careers later in life.

Within 10 years, we're going to bankrupt nearly every college in the US, saving millions from debt. More importantly, we're unlocking all of human potential in our economy.

Become a vigilante, and be a part of history!

About the Role

Your job is to make viral content on TikTok to spread the word about there being a better alternative to college and a way for people to start high-paying careers.

You'll be responsible for helping spread information that changes the lives of thousands of people.

We'll provide content ideas and scripts for you to follow, and you'll be in charge of recording and posting the content.

What You'll Need

  • Having an understanding of the TikTok platform is required

  • Previous experience creating TikTok videos is a plus but not required.

  • Being a student or graduate of CourseCareers is a plus but not required.


This is a contractor position with a $1,000 a month base salary + bonus based on performance, which could be a couple thousand additional per month.

The workload is estimated at 5-10 hours a month, equating to $100-200/hr + bonus.

You'll have flexibility over your working time with no set hours. This is a great role for people who want a side gig.

Interview Process

  1. Fill out the application.

  2. We'll send you a take-home assignment with an example video to create (should take less than 20 minutes).

  3. Based on the quality of the video, we'll let you know if we want to move forward and schedule a call to review the expectations and job offer.

*There may be multiple of the same job postings with different titles. Please only apply to one.

Advice from our career coach

To stand out as an applicant for this role at CourseCareers, it's essential to showcase your creativity and understanding of the TikTok platform. Here are some tips to help you stand out:

  • Highlight any previous experience creating TikTok videos, even if not required.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of TikTok trends and how to create engaging content.
  • Show your passion for the mission of CourseCareers and how you can contribute to spreading the word about the alternative to traditional education.
  • Emphasize your ability to work independently and drive results, as this role offers flexibility and relies on self-motivation.
  • When completing the application process, pay close attention to detail in the take-home assignment, as it can be a significant factor in the hiring decision.

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About the job

May 11, 2024


200k USD

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