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Anima is seeking a talented and driven Talent Enthusiast to join their rapidly growing team. In this role, you will play a crucial part in building an exceptional team of individuals who are passionate about the company's mission of revolutionizing healthcare and saving lives. You will be responsible for identifying, attracting, and hiring top-tier talent across the organization, while promoting Anima as the employer of choice. The ideal candidate is a gifted relationship builder, exceptional communicator, and has high standards for themselves and others. If you're hungry for the opportunity to change the world and thrive in a collaborative, high-energy environment, this could be the perfect role for you.

Job Description

About Anima

At Anima, we're building the next generation care enablement platform for healthcare teams. You'll be building a product that saves lives; multiple Clinical Engineers (ex-MDs and fullstack Software Engineers) quit lucrative medicine jobs to join Anima for that very reason!

Our mission is to deliver precision medicine to everyone in the world, within 24 hours. We know exactly how to get there and we’re moving ferociously with focus.

Our ambition is to be the OS for all of healthcare and life sciences, through a proprietary active learning, crowdsourcing training architecture - we call it Anima 2.0. We already have one of the biggest, highest quality labelled datasets in the world.

We're profitable, growing at 100% MoM, and went from $0 ARR to $1m ARR in 6 months from launch (Apr '22). We’re on track to hit $5m ARR by EOY ‘23. That's pretty unprecedented in SaaS, never mind healthcare!

Backed by a top 1% VC and Y Combinator (home of epic companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, Stripe) 🚀

We’ve raised a large Series A just 7 months after launch, in the first bear market of a decade. We were one of the hottest companies of YC’s W21 batch and raised our first round in 4 days, led by Hummingbird (consistently top 1% of global returns).

We have a pretty unique hacker culture at Anima with a flat hierarchy: almost everyone is technical and can code. A 'knights of the round table' structure and thinking from first principles is core to our culture, and is how we've made such rapid progress. It's reflected in how we operate:

  1. There's no separate founder, product & engineering teams - instead, we have Clinical Engineers who are both their own customers (MDs) and are strong fullstack engs, collaborating with pure software engineers. Due to the quality of our team, there's a heavy focus on coaching and teaching, with minimal to no line management.

    • We've been able to make huge strides in the NHS because we all deeply understand the problem, grading tasks based on our engineering expertise, and real life clinical trade-offs. This deep domain knowledge is ultimately how we integrated with the major electronic health records (EMIS and SystmOne) in just 4 months.
  2. We're relentlessly resourceful - in 14 months, we've built an extremely loved enterprise app (NPS = 87) that users have said 'seems too good to be true'. Anima can take an information complete medical history as good or better than a typical human doctor, and automates patient comms and clinical notes.

  3. Anima is a safe haven for free thinkers and we've been careful to build a culture where everyone feels comfortable being their complete unfiltered self, sharing their honest thoughts, feelings without ever needing to self-censor. Our hiring acceptance rate is around 0.5-0.8%, which is lower than YC. You're joining hyper elite special forces, and your crewmates will never let you down or waste your time.

  4. We hire talented people who think from first principles and have high growth potential - great decision makers who deserve to have complete autonomy and are forces of nature when empowered with it. Decisions are never made in isolation by the founders. All information is transparently available to the whole team on our Notion - every meeting, decision, success, failure.

  5. At the same time, we are deeply collaborative, and through mutual and self-challenge, we converge towards the optimum, and decisively execute. We are united by child-like intellectual curiosity and experiment and wander freely when the right path isn’t clear. We believe all future managers should be formidable individual contributors & domain experts.

  6. We hire candidates from all over the world. We have remote hubs in EU West, NA and India, and plans to seed some in person teams in those areas too in the next 12 months (in addition to our fully remote teams). We offer unlimited holidays and flexibility over work schedule and location.

  7. We have a good time :) we've had team lunches in Duck & Waffle, Breakfast Club, dumplings in Chinatown, had private screenings in our own cinema, booked out the Sky Pool etc. We get the whole team together at least twice a year for team retreats, with the last one in Brittany, France and the upcoming one in Mexico!

My name is Shun, a medical doctor and CEO of Anima. Thanks for checking out our job ad! We’re tackling a problem that has affected everyone in some way:

  • Globally, millions die every year because their medical problems aren’t treated quickly enough. Hundreds of millions suffer pain, worry and discomfort needlessly because of long waiting times.

  • We’ve built ambitious software to automate the entire healthcare workflow - from history taking consultations, to report abstraction, to recommending & saving a coded action plan for the patient, ready for a human doctor to greenlight.

  • By doing this, we get patients optimal care within 24 hours and 10x the clinical workflow in the process. It's a win-win for patients and healthcare professionals.

We are pretty unique among health techs: we have both medical and engineering domain expertise - there are 4 doctors working full time at Anima, as well as 'pure' software engineers. I wrote the first backend in Node, 80% of which is still used. As a doctor and former HM Treasury health policy advisor managing £4bn budgets in UK health spending, I have full stack domain knowledge and personal experience of the problem we’re solving.

Like me, the whole Anima team have personal experience of the problem we're solving: we're building what we wished we had as doctors.

Join Anima and save lives 🌟

Are you passionate about revolutionizing healthcare, saving lives, and being part of a dynamic team with a clear mission? Anima is seeking talented and driven Talent Enthusiasts to join our rapidly growing company. If you thrive in a collaborative, high-energy environment and have a talent for building deep connections, telling compelling stories, and igniting passion in people, we want to hear from you!

Does this sound like you?

  • Hungry and wants their shot to change the world - a force of nature when empowered with the tools, resources and development to do it.

  • A gifted relationship builder, able to quickly build rapport and foster deep and meaningful connections. High people intuition.

  • Exceptional communicator, able to distill complex information into clear and concise bullets without jargon. An excellent conduit between candidate community and the rest of the company.

  • Has incredibly high standards for themselves and an unshakeable growth mindset: able to challenge themselves and those around them to push to do things better.

  • Exceptionally organised: able to build & maintain multiple relationships and consistently execute on plans to onboard and retain employees.

  • Keen to understand the big picture & entire context of the company and vertical.

  • Seeks to maximise combined team productivity, communicating the right things at the right time through the right channels.

  • Intellectually curious and loves learning.

  • Proven success in recruiting for technical and non-technical roles.

Your Role as a Talent Enthusiast:

For this role, you need to be based in the UK

In this role, you will play a crucial part in building our exceptional team of individuals who are passionate about our mission. You will be responsible for identifying, attracting, and hiring top-tier talent across the organization, contributing to our unique and collaborative culture.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Deep Community Connection:

    • Engage with talent from diverse backgrounds, build genuine and empathetic connections.

    • Advocate for Anima's mission and values, emphasizing inclusivity and the transformative impact of our platform.

    • Set and maintain an exceptionally high talent bar in alignment with Anima's commitment to excellence.

    • Promote Anima as the employer of choice for top-tier talent.

  2. Identifying and Attracting Elite Talent:

    • Develop and implement effective sourcing strategies to attract leaders who exemplify top-tier skills and expertise and also serve as ambassadors of Anima's unique culture and values.

    • Utilize various channels, including online platforms, social networks, and industry events, to identify potential candidates.

    • Build a talent pipeline to meet current and future hiring needs.

  3. Collaborating with Hiring Managers:

    • Partner closely with hiring managers to understand their team's needs and culture.

    • Conduct thorough intake sessions to define job requirements and candidate profiles.

    • Provide guidance on the hiring process, including market trends and candidate expectations.

  4. Candidate Assessment and Selection:

    • Develop screening processes that go beyond traditional metrics, focusing on values, authenticity, and cultural fit.

    • Conduct thorough interviews to assess candidate fitment. Manage recruitment processes to ensure consistency, efficiency, and alignment with Anima's values.

    • Work with hiring managers to make data-driven hiring decisions.

  5. Building and Maintaining Relationships:

    • Develop and maintain strong relationships with candidates, providing an excellent and authentic candidate experience throughout the recruitment journey.

    • Ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires.

  6. Continuous Improvement:

    • Implement feedback mechanisms to continuously refine recruitment processes and enhance the overall talent acquisition strategy.

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