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IT Support Specialist

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Job Description

We are seeking an experienced IT Support Specialist to join our team within the APAC region. The ideal candidate will possess expertise in Microsoft 365 and Zoho products, coupled with a strong background in IT/device procurement. The primary responsibilities include resolving IT issues reported by the team, providing support for hardware and software (Windows, O365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Zoho, Xero, Dynamics 365 Sales, etc.), and actively participating in employee onboarding by creating email accounts, SharePoint access, Teams setup, and configuring new laptops.


  • IT Support Specialist - Resolve IT issues reported by team on hardware and software (Windows, O365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Windows, Zoho, Xero, Dynamics 365 Sales etc.)
  • Employee Onboarding: Onboard internal employees by creating their e-mail accounts, SharePoint access, Teams, setting up their new laptops, etc.
  • Create user accounts on SharePoint, Zoho systems, accounting system, and all other applications.
  • Zoho User Management - Employee onboarding, policy setup, user management. Main products we use are Zoho People and Zoho Expense
  • Document Standard operating procedures and documents for internal usage
  • Involve in various IT initiatives and IT Security initiatives
  • IT Procurement - Purchase laptops and IT equipment. Maintain hardware database and assignments matrix
  • Other ad hoc IT responsibilities as assigned by the reporting manager
  • Exposure to working in MS Forms, Zoho forms, Zoho flow, and automation.


  • Knowledge and experience in SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Windows and all Microsoft O365 applications is a must
  • Working experience in Zoho platform – Zoho People and Expense preferred
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Stack, Intune, cloud-based backup
  • English communication - both spoken and written.

About Us

GoGlobal is a leading global expansion service provider offering comprehensive solutions in global recruitment, employment, payroll and compliance services. As a trusted partner, we specialize in assisting businesses with their human resources, taxation, accounting, and all corporate services essential for seamless global expansions and operations. With a robust presence in over 100+ countries, our expertise extends to recruiting, employing on behalf of clients, facilitating payments, and establishing operational footholds, including legal entities, bank accounts, and ensuring annual compliance worldwide. Powered by cutting-edge technology, our solutions complement our experienced on-the-ground experts, enabling us to navigate and address the unique intricacies of each locale with a cohesive global strategy.

Why GoGlobal

GoGlobal, as a privately-owned company, offers its clients genuine global solutions! We stand out from the crowd as we make swift decisions aligned with our ambitions, free from outside investor pressures. This gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes and seize unique opportunities. Instead of distributing earnings to shareholders, we invest our profits back into the business, fuelling growth that’s driven by our own revenue and our team’s performance. Without expectations from external investors, we have the freedom to chart our own course and our success. Winning in our own way is what drives us.

Most importantly, our independent ownership allows us to preserve our culture that is rooted in our core values; prioritizing people, focusing on performance, embracing candor, valuing diversity, being agile and adopting a contrarian approach. With a diverse and growing team members across more than 45 countries, we embrace differences, practice empathy and encourage feedback. We operate in a trust-based environment where our team members are empowered to do their best work without the complications and challenges of navigating silos and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Join us as we leverage innovative thinking and teamwork to explore new opportunities and possibilities!

How we are different

  • We’re private: We totally respect that many companies raise a lot of capital and we applaud these successes. At GoGlobal, we simply like people actually in the business to control the business.
  • We’re not a rocket ship: We’re pretty happy on earth. Growth isn’t everything.
  • We’re not a tech company: We fundamentally believe that this industry cannot be replaced by tech in the foreseeable future and it’s the people that make the difference.
  • We’re profitable: We’re pretty prudent in how we spend money because we’re managing our business without outside investors. That said, we’re profitable and continue to grow sustainably. We sleep better at night knowing that we don’t have to raise money. Maybe it’s a little old school, but we believe businesses should be profitable to survive long term.
  • We’re diverse. No, really, we are. Compare the team on our website to others you know. We think you’ll agree!
  • We’re transparent: Every month we openly share our strategy and financials so you feel ownership of your role in the company’s success.
  • We’re structured as a partnership versus a corporation: We’re the only one in our industry that’s structured this way, allowing us to attract some of the best talent since everyone has the opportunity to be a partner in the firm.
  • We are the underdog: We think it’s more fun to be a pirate than to be in the navy.

What we offer

  • Global career: Work alongside the best talent from diverse backgrounds in a fast-expanding international business
  • Results-driven culture: Excel in a result-driven environment that recognises and rewards high performance
  • Remote work: Embrace flexibility with our remote work environment
  • Unlimited vacation: Enjoy unlimited vacation days to rest and recharge at your own pace.
  • Wifi: Get your home wifi costs covered, ensuring you are always connected.
  • Annual training: Benefit from an annual training allowance to further your professional development

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Protecting Yourself Against Recruiting Scams

Please be aware that there are people impersonating GoGlobal employees and creating fake job listings to steal personal information and/or money from candidates. We want to make sure that all interested applicants stay safe when applying for jobs at GoGlobal.

Follow these tips to safeguard your personal information:

Verify Job Listings:

  • All legitimate GoGlobal job openings on external platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Indeed) are also listed on our official website: GoGlobal Careers. If you spot a GoGlobal position solely on a job board, without a corresponding listing on our site, it's likely a scam.

Check Email Domains:

  • GoGlobal employees only use email addresses ending with "". If you receive communication from someone claiming to be from GoGlobal, ensure their email domain matches our standard.

Validate Job Offers:

  • Legitimate job offers at GoGlobal entail a rigorous interview process involving multiple rounds. Be wary of any offer received without undergoing this standard procedure.

Protect Personal Information:

  • GoGlobal never solicits passport details, financial information (such as credit cards or bank accounts), or money from job candidates. If asked for such information prior to a thorough interview process, it's likely a scam.

Verification Assistance:

  • If you've received a job offer from GoGlobal but are unsure of its legitimacy, contact us at [email protected] before divulging any personal information for onboarding purposes. We're here to assist you in verifying the authenticity of the offer.

Stay vigilant and prioritize your security throughout the job application process. If you encounter any suspicious activity, don't hesitate to reach out to us for clarification. Your safety is paramount to us at GoGlobal.

**Kindly review the provided privacy notice (LINK) to gain a comprehensive understanding of our policies and practices governing the treatment of your Personal Data.

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